riders impegnati in una discesa sul fiume

For children aged 7 and over.
When: from July to August.
Price can vary depending on specific activities.
Contact: Cortina office, +39 327 37 80 234

Enjoy a day discovering the enchanting rivers in Valle Aurina! We will leave Cortina in the morning to reach Campo Tures, where children, wearing diving suit, helmet and life vest, holding a paddle each, will get on inflatable rafts. We will ride down the river rafting in complete safety, accompanied by professional instructors. A fun-filled experience through rapids, rocks, waterfalls and many dives. There are several routes that suit children of different ages: from beginners to the most exciting and challenging ones. The tour takes about two hours and a half, after which children have time to dry off, change clothes and have lunch! In the afternoon, we will continue with a stop in the parks of Alto Adige or at Braies lake, before coming back to Cortina.


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