uscita in sup

For adults and children aged 6 and over.
When: in June, July, August and September.
Price: Group lesson (2-4 people): €20 /hour; €35 /2 hours; €50 /3 hours.
One-to-one lesson: €25 /hour; €45 /2 hours; €65 /3 hours.
One month (min 4 people) : €50 /2 weekly lessons of 1 hour each.
Equipment rental: €10 /1 hour; €45 /5 hours; €80 /10 hours.
Contacts: Francesca +39 346 3667866 - Jonatah +39 392 990 9061

Stand Up Paddling is an alternative to surfing: the athletes stand on a similar board, but bigger in order to support their weight, using a paddle for propelling. Sports instructors are available for SUP one-to-one and group lessons. Moreover, it is possible to rent the equipment, after learning the basic technique, as well as safety techniques.



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